Faculty International Grant

Program Information

The Faculty International Grant Program supports activities that foster international collaboration in the areas of research, curriculum development, and outreach. Priority will be given to requests that support the “Mountains of Excellence”. International Programs may award up to $1,500 to expand the scope of study abroad. An application is enhanced if it has strong college/department support as evidenced by matching funds. Likewise, proposals highlighting significant potential for a long-term impact on the entire University, or on one or more of its units will be favorably evaluated.

This program does not fund short-term lecturing or travel to international conferences or symposia.

In order for a proposal to be eligible for funding under the program:

  • There should be a clear relationship between the proposed activity/project/program and one or more elements of the mission of West Virginia University (i.e., teaching, research and service).
  • The proposed activity should have influence beyond the individual faculty member submitting the proposal. For example, a proposal has a better chance of receiving funding if it involves graduate or undergraduate students; has an impact on curriculum; results in collaborative research with an international counterpart; or has an impact on the economic development of West Virginia and/or an international partner.
  • There must be a clear follow-up plan for the funded activity.
  • In addition to support from department chairpersons and deans, applicants should include, where appropriate, letters of invitation from counterpart hosts/scholars in the country or countries where they expect to work.
  • There should also be evidence of financial support from other sources besides the Faculty International Grants Program including sources external to the University, other University faculty development funds, and department and/or college funds. Special consideration will be given to proposals that have a prior commitment for funding at the departmental and/or college level. There is no limit to the number of times a faculty member can apply for a Faculty International Grant; however, summaries of previous activities funded by the program will be a part of the evaluation process.


Support is available to all faculty members regardless of subject matter, expertise, length of service or tenure-track status. Faculty members may apply individually or as a group. Activities may focus on a single content area or may be multidisciplinary.

Application Information

Prepare your proposal according to the specific instructions included for each section located on the application form. Because of limited funding and the large number of applicants, please be sure to include all items required:

  • Names and contact information of all participating faculty.
  • Description of the proposed project and/or activity for which funding is requested. The description should include the products of the activity and their long-term impact with a follow-up to the proposed activity and clearly identify the relationship to teaching, research and/or service.
  • Departmental and/or college letters of support, whether or not funding is provided by these units.
  • One page faculty vitae.
  • Appendices as appropriate, including any additional support documentation.
  • Dates of proposed project/travel

Project Budgets & Funding Limits

A comprehensive and justified budget is one of the most important components of a successful application. Provide complete justification of all expenses. For example: How are you traveling? Is that the least expensive route, time, means? What is your source for this information?

We have also provided a sample itemized budget for guidance when preparing your application. Be certain to identify completely all funding from sources other than the Faculty International Grant Program. If you have requested or received funds from other university sources, indicate source and amount. What is the extent of others’ and your financial commitment to this proposal? The more complete your documentation of funding sources, the better your chances of receiving funds—and at a higher percentage of your request. Please be sure to double-check your budget figures.

Normally applications requesting funding greater than $1,500 per participating faculty member have not been funded or have been funded at an amount smaller than that requested.

Application Submission

Application is available by clicking the link on the upper right of this page. The Office of International Programs (OIP) will only accept applications after approval from both your college’s chair and dean/director or their designees. Applicants should make all efforts to submit their application in one document.

Proposals must be received electronically by the deadline.

OIP will send notification to all applicants confirming receipt of faculty development grant applications. If you do not receive such notification within a few days of your grant application, please contact OIP as soon as possible.

Proposal Evaluation & Review

The following evaluation criteria will be applied:

  • The overall soundness and innovative qualities of the proposed activity/project.
  • A follow-up plan related to the results of the activity/project; evidence of a clear commitment by the faculty member(s) involved to ensure that follow-up will be implemented.
  • The potential for this activity to contribute to the mission of West Virginia University, signified by specific plans to ensure that the activity has a long term impact on teaching, research or service at WVU.
  • The level of the faculty’s department(s) and/or college(s) support of the activity or project.
  • Evidence of international collaboration and/or a search for funding from sources external to the university. Attempts to access funding from other university sources.

Post-Award Requirements

All awards will be transferred to the College EBO upon receipt of travel completion or other project documentation. Each faculty member will be copied on the transaction. Monies will be earmarked to be at the discretion of the individual faculty member. Copies of receipts for registration, hotel, transportation, etc. should be submitted for reimbursement to your EBO after travel has occurred.

As part of the follow-up activities, each recipient or group of recipients will be asked to schedule a departmental, college, or University-level seminar to share the results of their funded work. Additionally, each recipient will be required to submit a written summary of grant activities and the expenditure of grant funds to the Office of International Programs.

Your point of contact for any questions during this process is Rebecca Digman, rebecca.digman@mail.wvu.edu. She will forward your email to the appropriate staff member, based upon your concern.