WVU in Mexico

Queretaro Group

In operation for sixteen years, the Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico has established a network of institutions, research centers and industrial partners in Queretaro that provide an international professional framework to engage undergraduate students, faculty advisors and engineering practitioners from two countries in a summer program.

SCEMER”S Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico has expanded the agreement of collaboration with the Council for Science and Technology of Queretaro in Mexico, to engage other disciplines in experiential learning while addressing global competencies in engineering education. A recent visit to Queretaro (Mexico) by a WVU delegation included visits to several research centers, industries and universities, including GE-Aircraft engines, Bombardier, ConduMex. Also technology centers such as CIATEQ, and the National Metrology Center, and Universities such as the National Aeronautical University (UNAQ) and Queretaro State University (UAQ) to mention a few.

Since 1997, MAE’s Industrial Outreach Program in Mexico has taken WVU engineering students to Queretaro to team up with Mexican students and solve practical problems in industry while living with local families in a full cultural and professional immersion. WVU students work alongside Mexican engineers under the advice of academic advisors from WVU and Mexico. With this visit the Program has expanded its reach to other potential areas of collaboration including civil and environmental engineering, industrial and management systems engineering, computer science and electrical engineering adding new dimensions to the traditional mechanical and aerospace engineering areas of activity.

The highlight of this visit was the signature of the agreement that will allow both WVU and Queretaro students to reciprocate visits starting this spring semester. The reciprocal visits will provide an opportunity for WVU students to become acquainted with Mexican team members who will join them in the industrial projects during the subsequent summer. The network of industries, institutions and research centers in Queretaro in addition to the rich cultural opportunities of the City and State, provide WVU students a unique opportunity to enhance the competitiveness of their education and their job market potential.