The Office of International Programs offers funding for West Virginia University students who are planning either international research or a study abroad semester.

Students have an opportunity to apply for support through the Global Educational Opportunities (GEO) Grants Program. The GEO application needs to be submitted online at This grant program is for both graduate and undergraduate students for research and training or long-term study abroad. The grant awards are based on quality of a proposed program or project, the potential benefit to the student, and a good budget. Applicants should read the instructions online and choose the correct application, either a) the graduate student’s international research or training, or b) the undergraduate’s travel support for a semester. To apply, a student needs to:

  1. submit a complete application online;
  2. write a project summary: 500 words, undergraduate; 1,000 words, graduate;
  3. obtain two reference reports, and
  4. submit a budget of costs and funding request.

A critical GEO Grant requirement is that each student who receives an award needs to do a campus presentation or a community activity after completing the travel abroad experience, and write a summary report of achievements.

Full-time or part-time WVU students are eligible to submit proposals. Awards will be made based on the excellence of the application. Awards vary in amounts of $500, $750 and $1,000. For example, funds of $750 or more might go to a graduate student’s research abroad, or funds of about $500 may go to support an undergraduate’s semester abroad exchange.

WVU’s International Programs’ Grant Administrator and program staff consult with a WVU faculty review committee to review applications. This group will assess the quality of each application and make awards based on the potential benefits to the student. Financial support is only one of many criteria used in the evaluation of applications.